Not Your Mother’s Hanger: Organizing Your Home with the Omni Hanger

WebDesigned by professional organizer Deb Zechini, the Omni Hanger is the answer to the organized closet you’ve been waiting for. The Omni Hanger literally slips or clips multiple articles of clothing and accessories into place on one speciality hanger, making it the ultimate closet storage solution.

This custom hanger’s frame versatility fits all your closet organization needs.

Deb is so confident in her prototype that she took it to an audition at NBC’s Shark Tank to share the concept with potential investors.

This hanger was designed to be adjustable so that it can accommodate a child’s size clothing and extend to fit adult size clothing.  It also is designed to hold slacks, skirts, thin strap tops, silky tops that won’t slide off, rounded corners so as not to cause dimples in the shoulders of clothing.  The yoke of the hanger has a place for belts, scarves, or ties.  When the arms are retracted to their shortest position the hanger is small enough to fit in narrow neck openings.  The hook swivels and the clips are removable.OmniHanger1

The hanger is made of durable plastic to hold up under heavy weighted clothing.  For asymmetrical clothing just slide the shoulder on one arm and then attach the bodice with one of the clips.  This is a high end hanger and will last a lifetime which makes it environmentally friendly.  One hanger does it all!

If you’re interested in obtaining rights to this patented innovation, contact Deb today!