Sorting & Purging a Hoard


This is the main bedroom after hours spent on clearing away the piles….we were about half way through at this point.


Main bedroom before. The piles surrounded her bed and access to the other half of the bedroom was blocked.


Kitchen before. The doorway leads into the dining room and you can see the clutter before we worked in there.


The dining room before we decluttered.


This is the living room before we decluttered and the sofa was later removed and another sofa from upstairs was brought into this space.


This is the main bedroom. We worked for five hours on just one pile. Many hours later the room was clear and clothes hung in the closet.


Whoa! The kitchen before we worked our magic in this room.


Spare bedroom after decluttering.
Second attic storage. This attic was full-to-the-top with belongings. We had McJunk empty the attic out and the client only kept about three items from the pile.
Second spare bedroom. This room started out full. It had a sofa, Christmas decor, luggage, bedding, clothes, books, just everything imaginable. At this point, it is used for sorting and staging for items to be removed or stored.
“After” photo of the Living room. When I first met the client this room was so full that there were pathways through the room and the client used throws to cover up the piles to disguise the clutter. Yay! Look at it now! Room to walk around.
Dining Room! After sorting and purging!
Kitchen after sorting and purging. This is a vast improvement over how it looked before. There is still some work to be done in here.