Holidays and Events

Clear the Clutter So You Can Entertain

With the help of an organizer, you will be able to have less stress and more time to enjoy your family and friends.

The holidays can be a whirlwind with a steady stream of family, out-of-town guests, and loved ones in your home. From hosting Thanksgiving to throwing a New Year’s Eve party – if you’re not careful, you can get stuck with countless decorations that you’re not sure how to manage.

Or, are you experiencing empty nest syndrome and you kept all of your children’s holiday crafts? Do you need efficient party decor storage ideas? We can craft a holiday organization solution.

Conquer hosting and holidays

Holidays and events not only require great storage solutions for decorations, but it’s also a big job to get everything set up! Maybe you need some assistance with decorating your home to create the atmosphere you desire. Or maybe you just need some help with gift purchasing and wrapping. Perhaps you have the best Halloween decorations in the neighborhood, but no one helps you put them up. Whatever your need is, I am here to assist! How can I help you? Let’s see…

Help create guest-ready homes

  • Clear clutter throughout the house
  • Organize most-used rooms
  • Arrange furniture so it’s convenient for socializing
  • Get the kitchen organized and stocked for holiday cooking/baking
  • Prepare guest rooms, clear space in entryway closets
  • Assist with decorating and sorting out unwanted décor

Help with holiday gift-giving tasks

  • Prepare a gift log listing names, gift ideas, budget per person/family
  • Research gift ideas or shop for them
  • Wrap gifts, ship gifts
  • Create a gift storage area or gift wrapping station

Help with putting away decorations

  • Assist with downsizing decoration collections
  • Box up decorations, label boxes for easy retrieval, place in storage area

“Worth Every Penny! I hired Deb for a second time this week and am prepped for houseguests, the Holidays, and a happy husband. She is high energy, stays on task, and works fast.” – Carolyn B.

Ready to have a home free from clutter?