Do I need to clean up before you come?

No, I need to see things the way they are as this helps me to determine what might be getting in the way of staying organized. And don’t worry, I won’t judge you by your disorder. In fact, I like messes.

Can you help with the stuff I want to get rid of?

Absolutely! At the end of each session, I usually take the donations with me and drop them off at a donation center and get a tax receipt. Any items that can be sold, we can consider taking them to a consignment store store, advertise on social media, or ask my eBay guy if it’s something that will sell well on eBay.

How long will it take?

This depends on several things. Will you be working alongside me, or will I be working solo? How fast are you at making decisions? Are we dealing with papers or objects (papers take longer)? How deep is the clutter?

I can make a difference in a small area of your home in one of my 3-4 hour sessions. I keep my sessions to 3-4 hours because the brain gets weary of making decisions on so many items in that time period. That being said — if my client can work longer, so can I!

Do you need to see my space before starting?

Not really. I’ve been organizing for long enough that I can get started shortly after arriving at your home. My brain instinctively knows what to do. However, pictures are always fun to have and they might help to come up with a game plan.