Client Reviews for Order in the House

It can be difficult to sift through pages of online testimonials to find the best home organizer to suit your needs. That’s why I’ve provided a collection of online reviews for my home organization services.

I specialize in working with individuals who are combatting ADD and ADHD. I customize home organization solutions to fit your unique goals and coaches you on ways to maintain those clutter-free habits.

Still not sure if a home organizer is for you? Check out what some previous clients had to say about working with Order in the House!

Deb is amazing! She had a great plan that helped me organize and clear two storage units full of sentimental family belongings that I’d been avoiding. No judgement! She has superb people skills that is as important as the efficiency and organizing. She also identified and called local resources for selling or donating valuable items. And she is really fun. I could not have had a better experience and enthusiastically recommend her!

– Anon., May 2021


Deb was a breath of fresh air for my office and me. I learned a great deal from our conversation, as well as Deb providing valuable insights into my view of my working environment and approaches to time and task management. I am excited for Monday to arrive, and I have my husband taking furniture measurements already! Thank you!

– Amy K., September 2020


Deb is like the Energizer Bunny. I had boxes of stuff and in no time had them organized and put away. She was definitely a huge help, and well worth the money.

– Ken H., August 2019


Deb is great! She is super to work with and very patient. We are organizationally challenged and struggled with all the new stuff that comes with having kids. As a result, the house was getting super messy. Deb came in and helped us so much with teaching us how to effectively keep things organized. It has been a huge relief. It is money very well spent.

– Jocelyn M., June 2019


I can’t say enough about how great it was for Deb to help me sort, purge, & take away the items I no longer needed — AGAIN! My closets are organized, my cabinet doors close, and heaps of clutter are gone!!! Deb is thoughtful, kind, PATIENT & doesn’t judge. If anyone needs her services, I recommend her! Give her a call! ???? She’s fabulous!

– Ellen B., May 2019


I hired Deb for a few weeks to help me and my family organize and clean out the home of a close relative who passed away. Deb helped us formulate a concrete plan for this large and difficult task and then she implemented it. This project was very difficult emotionally for my family given the circumstances, but Deb was the consummate professional throughout and I can safely say that we would never have gotten it done without her. She is a hard-working, creative, brilliant, and compassionate person who has an incredible ability to organize & consolidate. I have rarely worked with someone who so perfectly delivered on her advertised services as Deb did, and I strongly recommend her to anyone for any organizing or moving project no matter the size. She is a true gem and worth every penny.

– Julius R., June 2018


Deb has helped my family with two home moves and she has been tremendous both times. She is tireless, conscientious, and smart about what she does. If it wasn’t for Deb, we would have had boxes around our house for months. Thanks to her, our house was exceptionally well organized within only three days of the movers leaving. Great job, Deb!

– Joe H., April 2017


My husband and I sold our Cary home from our residence in Pikesville, Maryland. The buyers asked to move the closing date up by a month, asking us to vacate the Cary home with three weeks notice. We accepted the challenge, and I quickly searched for someone to help make it happen. Deborah Zechini of Order in the House was a God-send. She had two weeks to organize donations, junk removal and shipping from Cary to three different Baltimore-area locations. She did it quickly, efficiently and without a hitch, and she had days to spare. She is amazing. My husband could not believe that she didn’t have a full team working at her side. If you need help getting things organized in your life, I cannot imagine that there is anyone better for the job.

– Charlene H., February 2017


Worth Every Penny!

I hired Deb for a second time this week and am prepped for houseguests, the Holidays, and a happy husband.

She is high energy, stays on task, and works fast. In just a couple of hours, my attic and two rooms were purged and organized. We loaded five to seven trash bags in her car and filled my SUV with items that will be great tax donations! There was even time for kitchen storage tips!

Thanks again Deb!

– Carolyn B., October 2016


Deborah was a pleasure to work with. She really was indispensable to me. Given my health, I never could have done much of it at all. She also relieved my daughter who was already under strain from having to take care of me for a month, close a house and apartment, and take charge of the movers. Deb and my daughter made a perfect team. I knew I was in good hands with the two of them.

– Alice I., January 2016


OMG, Debbie was a life saver. She not only “whipped” me into shape, but was a great mentor for me. She was my “shrink,” my life coach, and my friend all wrapped up in one. She helped me purge, donate, and throw away “stuff” without judging me. Friends seem to badger you and say to you “what were you thinking, when you bought this.” I need a “Debbie” 24/7. If I could afford it, I would have her as my personal assistant!

– Nan G., September 2015


I hired Deb in July of 2015 to help me while relocating from the Midwest to Raleigh. It was definitely the best decision I made all summer!

When moving day came I was out of the country on a business trip. Deb enthusiastically handled the entire move including overseeing the movers, and unpacking and organizing everything! It was an incredible relief to be able to come home after the business trip an simply relax.

– Molly L., September 2015


I contacted Order in the House because I needed help with my work office. I knew the space didn’t ‘feel right’ but wasn’t sure what to do. Deb had so many great ideas! She thought of things I NEVER would have considered. She had a wonderful idea to replace my filing cabinet and rarely used bookcase with a credenza. What a great solution and one that I can’t wait to implement. After Deb’s ideas, I am excited to have a space that functions better and works specifically for me! Thank you, Deb!

– Renee P., July 2015


After a recent move from Raleigh to Durham NC, I found myself overwhelmed with boxes. I had not only the boxes I had moved, but my mom recently passed away and I had her things to sort through as well. Being physically disabled and having AD/ HD I knew I could not handle this task on my own. I am chronically disorganized. A suggestion was made that I hire a professional organizer. I had never done this before and having only lived in North Carolina a few months, I was not sure where to begin to look for one. An Internet search brought me to a listing of professional organizers in my area. Next to each business listing was a little about the organizer or company. I was drawn to Order in the House because of the picture of Deb. She looked like a kind and compassionate woman and the summary next to her picture said she worked with people who have AD/ HD.

I was originally going to have Deb for just one visit though I knew we could barely make a dent in 4 hours. Deb offered an organizing package of 16 hours and after working for her just a couple hours; I knew I wanted this package. Deb was a pleasure to work with. She had great ideas on how to organize my massive amount of things and with her encouragement, I was able to purge a great deal. Deb had an amazing amount of energy and not only helped me organize during the 16 hours but inspired me to continue working on my own. Expounding on the ideas Deb brought to me, I plan to sort through my clothing and other things I have in excess.

In the past, I had difficulty following through when a space was organized, but Deb’s systems are easy to follow and maintain. Building on her ideas, I am certain I can maintain what we accomplished and extend it to areas we did not have time to get too. It is comforting to know that should I find myself needing help in the future Deb is only a phone call or email away. I would definitely recommend Deb to anyone with an organization problem She is highly motivated and a pleasant person.

– Peg Meerkatz, Durham NC, June 2015


Two dear friends that I went to pharmacy school with gave me the most amazing gift – two days with a professional organizer/coach – Deb Zechini. Apparently we all need our front (brain) lobes to create order in our lives and thanks to Ethel (my brain tumor) I have very bad-ADD, which makes it challenging to create order in my life and home. Dear Deborah Zechini of Order in the House was brave enough to enter my home with the right tools & skills and worked her magic. Together with my friend and Deb, we purged, tossed, filed, and called 1-800-Got-JUNK. My house is more of a sanctuary than it has ever been. I can now focus on my health rather than the hotspots in my home:)

– Heidi Thorton, January 2015


Thank you so much, Debbie Zechini, for your help decluttering and organizing my closet at work! It was a monumental task, yet you made it fun and easy!

– Joni Blair, November 2014


Debbie is a wonderful person to work with. My house was (and partly still is – we’re still working!) bordering on “Hoarders.” She has been very non-judgmental of my situation. She has made it easy to rid myself of “stuff” I no longer have a need for. I can’t say enough about her professionalism and helpfulness and encouragement to me. I highly recommend Order in the House!

– Connie C., May 2014


My life changed when Deb appeared! I cannot even remember how I came across contacting her. But oh the difference! At first she came to help me go through my bedroom. I had been living in my house for about 17 years and had never really gotten rid of much. After I remarried and moved, I had to think about selling my own home. I just put it aside and let it sit while I paid mortgage on a house where I was not living. I could not bring myself to get started with the “stuff”. After another call to Deb, she came to my rescue once again. We started in a room and worked through the things I had accumulated for years. Not forgetting I had two boys whose stuff I had saved not only in the house, but the garage! With her steady guidance and patience and most of all her loving spirit, she gave me much light in a dark place. She loaded her vehicle with toys, clothes, dishes, and even a wedding dress and took them to places where there was need. I could write pages on how she has touched my life and made a place for a sense of accomplishment and well-doing! After the house was empty and the workers came in and trasnformed that house into a lovely “new” place for prospective home owners, I rejoiced! The house went on the market on October 3rd and on October 7th, I had a contract for the purchase of the house. All I can say is that is started with Deb. My thanks and sincere admiration goes to more than an organizer…..it goes to a truly remarkable, sensitive, and talented lady. Love you, Deb!

– Kathy Duncan, October 2013


Deb was thoughtful and kind while helping me set up a schedule for my home business. I am a writer and I needed help keeping on track throughout my day. There are many distractions __ Deb gave me very practical tips for making my schedule the way I want it. Her guidance was all about what I wanted from my day, not about what she thought my day should be. She gave me thoughtful worksheets on defining my morals and values which helped me to narrow down what I want to get accomplished each day. She gave me practical tips on how to stop distractions. I would highly recommend her for her coaching service.

– ES, November 2013


Deb was an absolutely wonderful person to have help us –– flexible, stylish, reasonable, punctual, and, of course, organized! For us, it was move-in assistance and unpacking from a cross-country move. It was absolutely the most pleasant move-in experience one could imagine. We were present for the movers bringing the boxes, and Deb was there, too. She got a sense of our needs and desires for a few hours –– then we went to the beach for a week! We left our house key with Deb, she unpacked and organized for three days while we played in the sand and sun with our three boys under the age of five. We come back, and voila! The house is as if we had been living there for a year (except cleaner).

– Josh and Melissa, September 2013


Anything less than the highest praise for Deb Zechini would be an understatement. Quite simply, she brought light and life to my home. As a professional organizer, what makes Deb stand out is that she cares about your home and she cares about you, the customer. With that, she brings an eternal optimism that allows you to breathe again. It is a such a peaceful feeling after Deb comes into your home.

– Dean L., May 2013


I needed help with my office space at work and Deb was able to help me get started. I had kept the office space the way the previous employee had left it, but it wasn’t working for me, but I wasn’t sure how to tackle it. After our session, I was able to purge files,re-organize the workspace and de-clutter some areas. The FIRST DAY, I received several compliments on the office space and my boss even commented on how nice everything looked. I highly recommend Deb and her company. I only wish I had done it sooner!

– Renee P., October 2012


You bring more to the table than just organizing skills. I feel like you have a grasp of the issues I struggle with and you have been a great catalyst in getting things done. It seems like I can only do things while you are here motivating me. I still have everything in my trunk that we put there on your first visit.

– Marlene M., October 2012


How can I thank Debbie enough for helping me place some “Order in my house”? Her timing was perfect; her demeanor helpful and concise.

I have to say those were the things I was needing most of all. I suppose when life makes a mess of things we tend to take it out on ourselves by neglecting that which we see every day. Her assistance in regaining order and structure within my surroundings also helped straighten what had become a crooked path that inhibited progress, growth and at times even my deeper desire to greet a new day.

A big “thank you” to Deb for the help as well as pleasant and friendly attitude during the process itself in my “small townhouse.”

– John, September 2012


Reorganizing a small office space where all the inanimate objects (and maybe the occupant as well!) have grown “deep roots” and are totally inefficient for work flow can seem like a daunting process. Deb made it easy and I had a great time working with her. I needed a motivating force and she was it! Getting the office organized is like getting out from underneath a pile of credit card debt. It feels wonderful!

– Bob Mulder, August 2012


Thank you so much for your help! I am SO excited to “work” the system you have laid out for me! I woke up early yesterday and today and thought of more things to put in the summer closet. It kind of felt like Christmas morning! Thank you so much!

– Lisa, Sanford NC, July 2012


Deb is marvelous: easy to be with, focused, creative. Deb was referred to me by another organizer who couldn’t fit me in for months. I was worried about having some hyper or condescending person, but Deb was just right: personable enough but not overwhelming. The first day she came, I did with her what I do with babysitters: yes, we’ll talk/have an interview, but I’ll pay you for an hour or two so we can see how it is to work together. The garage leapt to mind, and in a bit more than an hour we knocked it out. It was amazing. Would have taken me probably 6 hours to do and even then, it wouldn’t have been really complete. She made it easy for me to immediately go to the donation and recycling place the minute we were done. The sense of true completion honestly put me in a great mood for the entire weekend.

The next week, she came and helped me attack the kitchen desk. In addition to the usual immediate family (two teenagers) and my small-business financial stuff, I also serve as trustee for several family members and have all those accounts, too. Much to get a grip on! And I’d gotten to the point where I despaired of ever really running all the errands or making the calls I need to. Deb not only helped me organize the financial info and the general junk on the desk, she helped me create a system for managing it as I go along. One idea in particular was pure genius.

We’ve now also done the laundry room, linen closet and (gasp!) teenage girl’s room with her. I’ll note that rather than needing to go out and buy a lot of organizational stuff, we have tons of bins etc. that we used to need that we now no longer do. So yes, getting an organizer is an investment, but the payoff in peace is immense. Can’t believe I didn’t get someone sooner. Don’t let fear of the unknown keep you from it any longer–she’s GREAT.

– Peggy Britt, June 2012


Deb Zechini was a whirlwind of energy and innovation. She was able to organize, present, balance and stage so many areas of our home; i.e. laundries, pantry, closets, kitchen cabinetry, garage, basement storage and workshop and others.

Deb helped us determine what we could donate as well as downsize.

We expect to employ her when we arrive at our new location and would recommend the same for anyone who is need of organization and presentation .

She is a definite asset!

– Carol Remy, April 2012


The most important things Deb has helped us do are:

(1) train the way we connect our things to our lives – What would make sense where? and (2) (without any pressure) got me comfortable with letting go (now I can toss things in the trash or donation box a lot faster).

While we initially asked her to help us with all the paper clutter in our kitchen, she ended up also helping us transform the way we were storing and placing things in our kitchen (something that we had simply lived with, not thinking it was a problem). We rearranged nearly every item in our cabinets and on our countertops and in a way that we are able to easily see and access what we have. No more wasted food or kitchen tools because we had forgotten they existed or do not feeling like reaching for them! I almost never cooked (left that task to my husband) but since we cleaned out our kitchen I’ve been cooking almost daily!

Deb also helped us with our home office which had been doubling as a storage room (think garage or neglected attic). Not only did Deb help us reorganize and create a supply closet, clean out things that did not belong and help think of proper filing systems, together we rearranged all the furniture so instead of a storage/office, we now have an office/guest room/sitting area. The room is more spacious now and even more light is getting in. It feels so much better going into work now than it ever did.

What is also great is that this weekend my son and I cleaned out our upstairs bookcase and dressers, using the tools that Deb had taught us. I was so afraid that my son was following in my footsteps of being impossibly messy, but he’s caught on to what we’re doing and I’m really hoping to teach him these organizational tools early on in life.

My mood’s been lifted significantly since we embarked on this project. I had not realized how much a cluttered home was impacting my psyche and sense of well-being, and I wish we had hired Deb years ago. The investment is well worth it even if you are on a tight budget as we are, because the reward is a happier, saner, lighter and more efficient lifestyle. Not only am I happier in my space now, I feel I can be a better worker and mother, and I am much less down on myself because I’m no longer beating myself up over how hopeless I am or how I’m passing my bad habits on to my child.

We’re really grateful to have met Deb. For someone who’s lived with this “dark secret” of being messy, it’s a really hard thing to let someone you don’t know into the most private space of your life. But Deb is completely non-judgmental, very sincere and very warm, and a professional with a strong work ethic. We felt comfortable with her from the get-go and we’d be happy to recommend her to anyone.

– Cecilia, February 2012


With Debbie you get a 65 minute hour, as she is like the “energizer” bunny, never stops. Debbie’s insights are keen and her ideas are creative. My family and I have used Debbie approximately six times now, with other projects down the road. Even on short notice, Debbie has come through, is self-directed, motivated, and knows exactly what needs to be done, even if we don’t. She is fabulous to work with.

– Julie Powsner and family, October 2011


Organizing has been a frustration for me my entire life. From being the kid with the messy room, to the teacher with the messy classroom, to the wife with the messy home, it has always been embarrassing.

Before working with Deb, I had never successfully organized a room. Deb has helped me find homes for the things in my house. She has been patient with me and encouraged me to talk to her about what works well for me as well as what doesn’t work. Not once did I feel like Deb was judging me.

I now have a personalized organizational system set up throughout my house. I will no longer need to cram things in hiding places in order to have company and I feel more confident in my ability to maintain an organized home.

– Anonymous, School Teacher, October 2011


It is with much gratitude that I write these lines! Thanks are just not enough to express my feelings that I have experienced these past two weeks, since my temporary home into my permanent residence yesterday.

I feel very blessed with the kind and very professional help I have received to make this move a pleasant experience.

Thanks to the recommendation of my daughter, Julie Powsner, to hire Deb Zechini of Order in the House. I will and am forever grateful with the kind and considerate and efficiency Deb was able to meet for my every need.

– Ruth Heinemann, October 2011


Order In the House owner Debbie Zechini, helped me to keep my sanity during one of the most stressful times of my life. I moved from a home of 14 years and had accumulated more than 1000 pounds of “stuff.”

Debbie supported me through the entire purging, organizing and packing process which made the task much less difficult. She organized our time together to maximize the money I spent with her. She was upbeat and energetic without being “too cheerful”! She made it very clear that she understood how difficult a task it was to purge, pack and move within less than 2 months. She made sure I stayed on task while at the same time allowed me to go through whatever feelings came up as I sorted through all of the keepsakes and memorabilia.

She organized the things I decided to keep and took what I purged to Goodwill and the dump. All I had to do was decide what stayed and what went – the rest Debbie did.

Moving day was a breeze. Debbie showed up on time and stayed longer than originally planned. She was a pleasure to work with and I count her as one of the most valuable resources I have ever had the good luck to encounter.

I most definitely and very highly recommend Debbie Zechini of Order in the House for any job at all.

– Beth Fleisher, October 2011


I have had the privilege of finding this wonderful woman months ago when I knew I needed help in thinning out my possessions in preparation of our move to Germany.

Deborah is a compassionate, energetic, concise, supportive, non-judgmental coach. Not only has she helped me see my possessions differently, she has also helped me realize that better self-care is an important part of my life that was missing. Because of our sessions, I feel a big difference in myself. My family has also noticed a difference. Just this morning, my 16 year old daughter mentioned that Deb has impacted her life as well, because of how I now relate to my children.

The irony of this is that Deb and I have never met. We’ve done all this work via the telephone and computer. I hope to meet her before we move to Germany. I hope to stay in contact with her into the future, as I consider her a friend now.

If you have the need for help in organizing some part of your life or if you know someone in need of organizing, I strongly recommend Deb! She has helped in many small ways (like organizing bills and paperwork) to helping client’s whose relatives are hoarders. I know she has traveled to other states to help client’s relatives as well.

I really do believe Deb is doing what she does best. She’s really a great resource for those of us who never really got the organization going in our lives that will help us live more productive, happy lives.

– Chrissy Akers, October 2011


I was in a desperate state when I first called Deb. I’d been ill both physically and emotionally for several years, and in that time my little home (1,000 sq.ft.) had gotten completely out-of-control, was neglected and extremely cluttered. Before this time, visitors used to comment on its unique, creative and personal charm and cozy, warm feel. At its worst, close friends (the ONLY people I’d let in anymore) would half-jokingly comment that it was time to call in one of ‘those TV shows’… you know, the “how can people LIVE like that?” kind. (Perhaps not quite yet, though heading there!) It had become, though, FAR from being my hide-a-way & intimate escape from the world I used to have. I actually cried at times, walking in… missing my home. Now, every room, every surface was cluttered; there were stacks of papers, magazines and ‘stuff’ in every corner, lining walls, behind doors. The worst part, having physically and mentally improved to the degree that I KNEW getting ‘home’ back would help me to feel exponentially better, I had NO IDEA where, or how, to begin. I had tried time and time again to tackle it by myself… I think I actually twirled at times – start here? Or there? This or THAT? I made lists, bought ‘how-to-organize’ books and storage containers. After many frustrating, ego-depleting false starts, I admitted to myself: I NEED HELP. I can’t do this alone. Does my story sound at all familiar – a little or a lot?

Call Deb! She’s Super-Power energy, 100% focus, in a small, easy-going, big-hearted package. Within the first visit I KNEW she was just the Angel I needed to help me get my home back. She’s totally professional, trustworthy and warm & friendly, all at the same time. In the beginning we discussed my desires, goals, wishes and financial limitations. She showed her uncanny ability to consider all these and reassure me that this task, however overwhelming and confusing it was to me, was in fact completely do-able! She quickly and easily devised an approach, giving me the confidence, encouragement and inspiration I needed so badly. And so we began! We worked side-by-side very easily and comfortably; we even had fun! Even in such a small house, we had a BIG job to do… she worked with me to cut my costs, giving me ‘homework’ to do between her visits. She’d always check on my progress, give me pep talks and reassurance, make suggestions and I felt totally comfortable calling her if and when I needed to. After each of our work sessions together, I could see BIG changes, which was very exciting and encouraging. Then, within the number of visits that I was able to afford, I had my HOME back! I could NOT have done it without her.

I’m sure it’s apparent by now that I can’t speak highly enough of Deb Zechini. There are plenty of home organizers out there; I spoke with quite a few and even began working with one, who into the first visit I realized was not going to be a good fit. But Deb helped me to achieve EXACTLY what I dreamed of having in the end – within my budget, more quickly than I’d imagined and very, very pleasantly. I ended up with a new friend for whom I have the greatest respect both professionally and personally. If anyone would like to speak with me personally about my experience with Deb, I’d be most happy to do it. Just ask Deb for my phone number or e-mail address – she has my permission to give it to you. Whether you have a big job ahead of you as I did, or a smaller organizing task at hand, I highly recommend Deb. She truly helped changed my life… just when I needed it and just the way I hoped. I’m so grateful – and feel so fortunate to have found her!

– Kate Dunford, September 2011


Debbie has been a life saver. We are in the process of moving my parents into the house and therefore have had to give up an office/hobby room and a spare/guest room / storage room. She found space where I would have never thought to look and everything looks more organized and less cluttered in less space than it did with all the room we had previously. She has a talent I have never seen in anyone else and her energy level amazes me as she never took a break and worked every minute she was here. I loved every one of her ideas. She also gave us wonderful ideas for organization and DE cluttering of the garage and other areas as well and assisted us in opening up space in the living room to make it easier for my dad to get around in his walker and scooter. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I now feel that we will be able to live in this house comfortably without being on top of one another. Thank you Debra. You will be the first person I call whenever disorganization shows itself again. We could have NEVER done this without you.

– Debbie Trenta and Steve Cappelson, June 2011


Debbie is my Aunt, but this testimony is by no means bias ????

By the time we had a 4 year old daughter and two sets of brother/sister-in-laws with kids living in our basement, the attic and garage were a mess! I am borderline OCD, so the thought of such disorganization bothered me on a daily basis. I couldn’t find things I needed that I knew were somewhere in the clutter, which was very frustrating as I would end up just going out and buying these items again.

I asked Debbie to come save my sanity, and that is just what she did! She worked non-stop, even when I stopped to take breaks. In one day, my garage and attic were something to be proud of. Her methods just made sense. I thought I was pretty decent at coming up with innovative ways of organizing, but she definitely is a master at her craft!

– Jessica Helmstetter, May 2011


Deb is truly a blessing to me! I recently became disabled due to cancer treatment. I was completely overwhelmed with medical paperwork and all the physical limitations which hampered my ability to manage my home and my life. Then, Deb arrived. And everything is now in its place, efficiently and accessibly stored so that I can easily get to whatever I need. She found the coolest storage solution, with swivel drawers that make my life so much easier! And she also helped me with the mountains of paperwork, which had previously been so intimidating to me. She is very, very good at her work, and so kind and thoughtful and reassuring and worthy of trust. I really appreciate everything she has done to help me.

– Pam Swift, April 2011


Debbie is someone who brings Order in The House to a new level. She possesses excellent skills in her organizing services and is exceptional in her ability to help others to de-clutter their homes and offices to bring order back into their home, offices and most importantly their lives. Her key is her communication skills with others and her servants heart. This is accomplished through her established skills, strategies and habits that enable her clients to stay organized once the systems are set up. Her impact is not only immediate but more importantly everlasting. I highly recommend Debbie to anyone looking to bring Order Into Their Home and Lives.

– Vivian Adams, March 2011


Hey Deb, I just wanted you to know that I actually was able to find 2 things quickly (that I don’t use often) and when I needed them thanks to your help with my filing system! I had to find my son’s birth certificate and social security cards (for his learner’s permit) and with the help you gave me for a filing system, what I was afraid would take me forever to find, I found rather quickly!

So just another big THANK YOU to you!

– Debbie Dodson, March 2011


I’ve worked with Debbie in a skills building group for Professional Organizer Coaches. I know her to be a sincere, intuitive, highly ethical and effective coach, skilled at listening and bringing enhanced awareness and clarity to client issues. She works with abundant enthusiasm and brings both lightness and depth to her work. I recommend Debbie for anyone looking for coaching or organizing-coaching services.

– Elizabeth Quincy, Owner, Matter of Heart Organizing, February 2010


Debbie “owns” this area of expertise; She delivers excellent results. She helped me organize my office area and allowed more work space than I thought possible. Thank you, Debbie!

– Charlie Fortune, March 2009


Deborah is a born organizer. I called her because I became paralyzed whenever I attempted to clean out my closets. Deborah came over several times and made my entire kitchen and my walk-in closet dream spaces. She just naturally knows where to place things in an attractive and organized manner. I’m going to call her to help me with my garage.

– Diane C. Skrutskie, September 2008


I have known Debbie Zechini since I first met her at a national conference in 2006. She’s bright, smart and very eager– that’s what attracted her to me. I’ve stayed in touch with Debbie through various business functions and each time I was impressed with her professionalism and friendliness. We’ve emailed back and forth many times as well. I’ve even worked with Debbie on one referral in her area. She followed up with the client vigorously but did not secure the job (through no fault of hers.) I would definitely recommend her as someone to get to know, and work with. I plan on keeping her in mind for future opportunities.

– John Trosko, President, Chief Organizing Officer (C.O.O.), Organizing LA, August 2008


Debbie can transform your space from messy to gorgeous quickly and effortlessly. I’m always amazed at how she can sit back, look at a space, and know what to do to achieve order and style. I appreciate her opinions, natural talent, out-of-the-box creativity, and work ethic.

– Stephanie Brooks, August 2008