Office Improved via Phone Consultation

I did a phone consult with Renee Pearl. She sent me photos of her office and discussed its challenges.  After viewing the photos, I called Renee with my recommendations.  If you ever need a quick consult, I am a just phone call away.


School Office Before 1
View of the entrance into the office.
School Office Before 2
The filing cabinet seemed out of place in this spot.
School Office Before 3
The bookcase was not being used the way it was intended.
School Office Before 4
With the desk in the corner, the client had her back to the outside window.
The office also felt too open to visitors.
School Office Before 5
Another view of the bookcase and lots of empty space.
You’ll see later… we determined the bookcase was not needed.
School Office Before 6
Another view of the file cabinet.
See how it seemed out of place!


School Office After 2
We moved the filing cabinet away from the window and put it in the corner.
Sure, you’re thinking “don’t ever put Baby in the corner!”  but it really works here.   😉
School Office After 3
We rotated the desk so that it created a small barrier for those entering the office.
Placing the desk here also gave her a view of the outdoors.
School Office After 4
We removed the bookcase and replaced with a decorative table and lamp!


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