What does a personal organizer do?

When people ask me what a personal organizer does, I first like to tell them what an organizer doesn’t do…

  • I don’t throw away your things; unless that is what you’re hoping to do.
  • I don’t pass judgment on your space; I am here to find creative solutions that combat disorganization.
  • And I don’t make any decisions without you!

A professional organizer is, first and foremost, a great listener. 

I know that every person and situation is unique. I promise to listen to your goals, as well as your frustrations. I ask questions that help me to better understand what stumbling blocks are getting in the way of keeping order. Sometimes we dig deep so that I can learn how to best structure your environment to serve you, and the way that your brain functions. I note your strengths and come up with a plan that is individual to you.


I am a problem solver. 

When I enter your home, I don’t see mess – I see potential. I come in with fresh, non-judgemental eyes, and I carefully evaluate your space to come up with a solution. I even encourage you NOT to tidy up before I visit, because seeing your space as it is will help me to identify your everyday habits and patterns. The benefits of specialized organizational services are proven. You can save time, money, and energy by setting up systems that make it easy for you to find things. You can reduce stress by creating a calm, clutter-free environment. You can take pride in your home when friends and family come to visit! I am trained to help you realize these benefits. 

Think you don’t have enough space to keep clutter at bay? There is always another way. Maybe your goal is to get rid of some things – and I am more than happy to help you through that process! But maybe the best solution for you is to simply relocate items or store them in a different way. Moving and need to sell your house quickly? I’ll help you declutter so that you can show your home’s full potential. Worried that you’ll face the same organizational challenges when you get into your next living space? I will help you purge unwanted items, efficiently pack the rest, and unpack and reorganize in your new home! These things may seem like huge, unwelcome hurdles to some, but they are the challenges that I live for!


I am a motivator.  

Once we come up with a strategy, we get to work! Your goals become my goals and we work towards them together. Yes, I am happy to work solo, but in many cases we work side-by-side. This is called body doubling and it is a tool I use to make sure the system we set up is sustainable. It’s not always just a matter of tidying up a place, I want to make sure that I empower you to maintain order in the house.  

I know that sometimes people feel like they shouldn’t need to hire a professional organizer in order to get these tasks done. Here is what I say to them…I don’t love working out. Technically I know how to work out on my own, but I pay to have a personal trainer guide me through my workouts. They keep me focused and keep it fun – just like I do for my clients! Organizing might seem like a lonely drudgery of a job for some people, but when you work with a professional organizer, you have a partner keeping things light-hearted. I help you stay focused on the task at hand and ultimately, achieve a higher rate of productivity! I have studied organizational coaching strategies which have helped me to endow my clients with life skills, in addition to an orderly home. I make your time more worthwhile. 


I am a mentor. 

I work with you to figure out a system that makes sense for you, and then I work alongside you to make sure we can put that system into place. If needed, we make adjustments along the way. As any good mentor, I am continually educating myself on ways that I can better benefit my clients. 

Since joining the National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) in 2004, I have attended many conferences, consistently taken classes, helped to develop a class for other organizers, and had three different positions on the local chapter board. I use their resources daily to better myself and my business. I have completed over 150 hours of training with the Institute for Challenging Disorganization and specialize in providing organizational and time management support to those with ADD and ADHD. Your attention disorder doesn’t just provide challenges—it gives you unique talents and capabilities as well. I would know, as I’ve lived with ADHD for my entire life. We will harness those qualities to craft strategies that fit your lifestyle.


And of course, I get things done!  

I typically work in 3-4 hour sessions, because I feel that this is about the amount of energy and focus people have for these sorts of tasks. With that said, I work until I complete a project, and time crunches aren’t a problem. While tidying is a huge part of what I do, I also hope to set up organizational systems that will continue working for you and your family. My ultimate goal is to leave a lasting impact.




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