Look, Ma! I’m on TV

Truth: I am not actually on TV.  But, I did get to help the Garage Brothers on a recent episode of their DIY show “Garage Gold.”

I was contacted by the producers at DIY TV and asked if I knew of anyone that needed their garage cleaned out. I referred the producers to one of my clients and then they asked if I would like to help. I was excited for my client because when I did the consultation several months before DIY contacted me I realized that it was a BIG job and would be very costly because of the amount of stuff that needed to be tossed and this was a wonderful way to help my client get rid of the stuff at no cost to him!

While the show was filming,  I helped the client’s wife clean out the storage shed. We cleaned out the shed in one day while they filmed all the interesting items in the clients garage. What kind of interesting stuff? You’ll have to watch to find out!  Later, while they were bringing stuff out of the garage, I was taking what the owner wanted to keep and creating categories with what was to remain.  I then had containerized the ‘keep’ stuff and organized the tool boxes, mobile pegboard, and mobile cart.  It was a beautiful thing to see how easy it would be for him to find his tools and use the cart for whatever project he was working on. The homeowner was ready to let go of his stuff and that made it possible to make such progress.

Garage Brothers recycled everything that came out of the garage! They haul off absolutely everything that you want to see go away.  They then take it back to their warehouse and sort all the items into categories to be recycled.  DIY film crew captured some exciting moments and spent three days filming.

Click here to see the full episode!


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