Wardrobe Changeover

With the changing of the leaves it’s a great time to change your wardrobe over from summer clothes to winter.  Switching the summer clothes to fall and winter provides you with the opportunity to get rid of some of those summer clothes you haven’t worn or realize you really do not like.  It also is a great way to assess what is lacking in your fall wardrobe so when you go shopping you will know exactly what you are looking for and not buy random items that won’t work with your wardrobe.

Here are six simple things to help you through the process:

  1. Start at one end of the closet and sort through your summer clothes, pulling out any clothing that you know you no longer want to keep (donate these to your favorite charity).  Then if you are lacking space in your closet, pull out any summer clothing that you will not be wearing as the weather get colder and store those  in another closet or pack away.
  2. Bring in your winter clothes that have been stored or shoved to the back of the closet and arrange them by categories: all tops together, bottoms, dresses, cover-ups, etc.  Some women like to arrange their clothes by career vs. casual and if you’re not a career person you might want to arrange yours casual vs. dressy.  You can take it a step further if you like and arrange them by color.  When it comes to tops I like to arrange mine by sleeve length.
  3. Now look through your closet and make sure every bottom has a top that works with it, and that you have shoes to match, and purses as well.  Make a list of what is missing in your wardrobe, such as sweaters or cover-ups, and use this as a guide for when you go shopping. Take a note also of what colors you already have enough of and what new color you could add that will accent your wardrobe.  Burgundy is a popular color this year.
  4. Use the proper hanger for skirts, silky blouses and slacks.
  5. Donate any clothes that you no longer want to Goodwill, Dress for Success, or whoever your favorite charity is.
  6. Don’t forget to do the same with your dresser drawers and shoes.

Now it will be so much easier to get ready for work in the morning.  By creating categories for your clothes, you will be able to go right to what you are looking for instead of jumping from section to section in your closet looking for that certain black top that goes perfectly with the slacks you want to wear.

If you need help organizing your wardrobe this season, give me a call at 919-306-5236 and we’ll customize your closet so it works for you!


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